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Monitor Interference

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ceetee Chief Captain

I am getting lots of interference when I use my RF Airband radio scanner near my 17" Dell CRT moniter- does anyone know why this is and how I can fix it?

As soon as I turn my moniter off, my scanner plays perfectly fine, it just wines and crackels anywhere near the moniter while it is switched on 😕

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

The same happens if you use a mobile phone close to your screen.This cant be fixed with a simple way. Crying or Very sad

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Fly Away Simulation (Flyaway) Site Admin

Try a new cable with Ferrite Cores:,GGGL:2005-09,GGGL:en&q=ferrite%20cores&btnG=Search&sa=N&tab=wf

"Using ferrite cores near the connector ends provides superior EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) protection."

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ceetee Chief Captain

Thanks for the link Flyaway, 😂

Unfortuanly I cannot find any in NZ!

I will keep it in mind for the future though 😉

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