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hey guys

I have a evga 8800gts card with two output on the back of it.. can I plug a second small monitor on the card without loosing to much fps in fsx. The second monitor would be like a 10in maybe, just to load google earth and google earth tracker..

and if I can, in windows setup I know I got to go put 2 monitor, but do I need to do something else so that the two monitor show different thing, like my main plays fsx while the second plays google earth or something else if I want


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Good idea, one day I want a smaller one for my GPS.

Try some of these links:



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I have a smaller moniter but I cant figure out how to show a different veiw on one screen and the cockpit in the other. A screen for gps is a great idea radarman, I am always having to move it so I can use other instruments, and also I jut got the flight1 meridian which has a very copmlex gps system, which would great to be able to see the whole time so I can figure it out.

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That's out of 8800GTX. Didn't see any hit on FPS. 13" shows sectional off the internet and performance monitor.

Xp recognized the second monitor and it was just drag and drop the ie7 window onto the little monitor, no problem. Same for other game windows, like the radio stack or ATC message window.

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Sorry it won't do that. I noticed that Oldsamer is running FSX in windowed mode. If you go full screen, then the second monitor will go blank. However you can add MFDs, GPS, and other stuff to the second monitor. When I was able to do that, I had all my cockpit controls on the second monitor....now when I go to full screen the sim just flashes on and off, so I stay in windowed mode. The thing is once you switch screens the simulator pauses itself.

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All true, but FSX runs OK in windowed mode, no FPS hit.

After dragging other windows to second monitor, mouse over to cockpit and click to un-pause.

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