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rafinetz Guest

I would like to have some advice before spending some money on expending my system to multiple monitor set-up.
1. Is any fps drop on the system when I turning on 2 monitors?
2. It worth after all to go on with it.(I all ready have the extra monitor)

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riempie Guest

Am using dual monitor now for more than a year now using fs9 with XP now no problems for frame rates whatsoever. Second monitor displays the moving map, the first the cockpit.

Would advice to go on this way, only need a dual video card or an extra PCI card.

Second card is ofcourse not 3 D.

Only the first AGP videocard.

Regards Pieter from Antwerp

ninety5eclipz Guest

I also have a dual monitor setup. I have dual outputs on my video card. It works great. I run FS9 on one screen and fsnav on the other screen.

gbntpilot Guest

I also would like to move up to using multiple monitors. I have a problem though. I have a Visiontek Xtacy 128 MB NVidia GeForce4 Ti-4600 video card. It's got one DVI and one VGA output. My primary display is a 18" flat panel (off the DVI), and I have a second 15" flat panel that I'm not using (will be VGA). The NVidea software lets you mirror a monitor, or basically use two monitors as one, expanding the horizontal resultion across both. I don't want to simply mirror the screen, but when I set up multiple monitors to expand across both in windows, I cannot have any higher resolution than what is on the 15" screen on the 18", meaning I'm stuck at 1024 x 768, which makes sense. I understand that I can't go above that on the 15", but I can't figure out if there is a way to have the 18" monitor resolution set where it should be at 1280 x 1024. Is there anybody that has any experience with this using similar NVidea cards, or do I just need to get a second video card and stick it in a PCI slot for the 15" FPD?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Here's an excellent set of instructions for the multiple monitor from MS for FS9.

Netz Rafi Guest

I both a chip PCI card for some...$16 and now I have no problem except:

I can't "have" complex windows like map or any other view on the secondary monitor. With a better card I think it would work.You have to remember that opening a second win reducing your fram rate. What I did is.. I transferred the control panel & the radio stack to the second monitor and at the higher end of the main monitor I opened the map view on the "space" get free from the control panel. I am going to place the sec.. monitor fiscally below the main monitor and to have something like a sim..
No problem at all with the refresh rate of the data on the control panel. If you have some good ideas you can write to me on and I will hapy to use /respond on it.

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