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Is this safe?

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ceetee Chief Captain

I have two HDD (Hard Disk Drives) installed in my computer, with "C" drive being the primary one, with both windows and Flightsim installed on it.

More recently I have added a new "E" drive. What I want to know is, will it be safe to install new scenery addons into E drive and make FS2004 which is installed on C drive find them?

Will it cause bad preformance or reconise it even?


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Greekman72 Chief Captain

For FS prefer to use the drive you have your OS installed.
Empty C from other stuff and store them to E and use this free space use for FS.😉

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ceetee Chief Captain

That's what I have been doing GM!

Just wondering if the alternative was possible!

Thanks for the information 😉

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