Computer Specs... any good at all?

Garren Guest

I know I'm not going to get the kind of performance showcased in many of the screenshots, but could someone tell me what I could possibly expect to get from FS2004 from my current system specs please?

AMD Athlon T 1.0Ghz
320mb SDRAM
nVidia 32mb TNT Model 64
Windows ME

I can provide more details if necassary.
Also, I saw someone mention on these forums a frame rate patch. Is this possibly to help older computers cope with the game's graphics?
Thank you.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Crying or Very sad Not very much there im sorry to say
Acordding to the fs9 specs a 400mhz processor and a 8mb graphics card ROFL Always double what they say to get anything any good
Your processor should be ok(just)
Very low on memory
Very low graphics
Can you add more memory?but more importantly
can you uprade the graphics?(Mx440 64mb would be the very minimum in my mind.Plus they are cheap)
If you are going to buy fs9...........Dont .I think it would be very frustrating on that pc
If you allready have it Umm...
The sim sould run,but I think you will have to have most settings down to minimum and if you have had a earlier fsxxxx you would be disapointed
The frame rate patch should help as it was made for lower spec pc's

Sorry to be so negative


Garren Guest

Thank you for your honest, yet brutal answer lol.
I have actually ordered it.
I'm saving up for a new PC, but I don't believe I'll be able to afford one until the end of the year. By which time I should easily be able to play this game (I always buy top of the range... seems more cost effective in the long term).
Which kind of puts me in an awkward position about upgrading the current PC I have, even if it is relatively cheap to do. But I know my patience may run short lol.
Decision decisions... 😕

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Twisted Evil Sorry again but I was being honest
You are spot on to buy the best. But whats new and top of the range today, can be old hat all to soon.(there I go again.....Must of been a bad day)
The future,if only we knew.
I had a few thoughts about the future a few weeks ago ➡

I hope you get it up and running as it is the best yet but people still want more.......see ➡

When it finally lands on your door mat and you have installed it let us know how you get on and any thoughts you have

Good luck and see you up there


Oops! Get em now to save time later.The frame rate fix and the Nocd patch page 1 and 3 here ➡

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RadarMan Chief Captain

If I may make a suggestion also, TTT covered the most important parts, left nothing for me.
Oh yes, why not upgrade to XP Home, it'll be faster and won't "leak" memory like ME does.
If you do keep ME then use this small free program, it'll help the memory leak.
Good luck.


Garren Guest

Thanks a lot guys, every little helps 😉
I'll keep you posted when I get my hands on it.

Garren Guest

Well good news and bad.
Good news is, the computer runs it very smoothly for the most part, everything seems to be working. The odd glitch but certainly nothing to complain about.
Bad news (and expected) is that the graphics had to be turned almost all the way down.
However they don't look as bad as I thought they might, so not a complete loss.
I've yet to try the programs suggested, but I will do soon and I'll post back any difference I noticed.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It'll run and I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying it.
I don't (by far) have a super machine but I do have a good video card, enough ram and what small problems come up I know that some time it will get better.
Keep us posted on your progress.


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