Eaglesoft Cirrus (CrashGordon help me out here)

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Ok CG well I know that you have the SR-22 but my question to you and to everyone is how is there Cirrus SR-20? My main reason is because I want a nice 4 seater single piston that this looks great. I am also getting a overhaul on my computer so I know that my computer will be able to handle it even better then. Also I was going to get the RXP GNS430 and the Professional Expansion pack too. But my new systems specs in a few weeks will be....

Pentium 4 2.8Ghz
1.5 gig RAM
19" Flat Screen Monitor
PNY 6800 GS 256 MB/ AGP Vid. Card

But can someone give me feedback on the Eaglesoft SR-20 or even the SR-22 if that is much better.

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Pardon me if I step in here Jared. I own the Eaglesoft SR22 and it is one of my most prized aircraft. From what I understand the biggest difference between the two is performance. The SR22 takes off, climbs, and flies faster than the SR20 so why would you want the 20? For only a few dollars more the SR22 is a much better deal.

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My thought is that the 22 is a bit better than the 20, but in any event, I run the 22 on a 2.8GHz 512MB with an onboard Intel graphics chip. I run it without the v/c, but the system you are describing would have no problem with either plane even with the v/c.

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