Eaglesoft Cirrus SR-20 G2

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Well after tons of thinking about what airplane I should get next. Even though I just got the CS C-130. But I've made up my mind and I am almost 100% sure I will get the Eaglesoft cirrus SR-20. It just looks so great. I downloaded the PPPP(Pre Purchase Preview Pack) of their site. It has pictures, videos, and manuals all about the airplane and its systems. This is the right airplane for me. Also since my computer is i'd say a higher end computer for FS9, it doesnt bother me that it will run in the mid 20 FPS. That is what I normally run now. but once I get her Ill be sure to tell you guys and gals all about her.

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I am having trouble with EagleSoft Citation X....
In simple words, I cannot read the text on the panel.....
Either too small or too blurry, or both.....
I am not able to fly it because I cannot read what are on the panel....
Hope Cirrus is be better.....

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

I've been flying the Citation X without problem, although I do find some of the text a bit small. I also have their BeechJet 400 and the Raytheon Pemier I.

I wonder if zooming in on the panel would help.

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john (verygom) First Officer

One of the good things if using "Active Camera" is being able to zoom right in (and magnify) any particular switch/knob etc. and its 'label' or part of a panel. Blink Blink It certainly helps when the props are throwing ice at the windshield and your trying to find the de-icer switch!!

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Jared Captain

So verygom do you have the Cirrus?

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

I also purchased Citation X and I had the same problem but I figured out that if doing some changes in some files U can enlarge the text size on some critical panels. So I did and there is no more problems for me. I do not remember what changes to make but if some one interested I can figure out for him.

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