How do I screen shot in FS2004?


Could someone tell me how to take a screen shot in FS2004? Thanks

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Try downloading 'ScreenShot Manager' from one of the Fltsim sites.
Seek and ye will find 😎

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Hi Guest, without any additional software, if you run windows, just get the shot set up that you want, hit Print screen key...this copies your shot to windows clipboard. Open Paint (Start>Programs>Accessories>Paint); and Edit>Paste (or Ctrl+V). Now you can File>SaveAs and save as a jpeg or BMP. You can print out some very nice shots like this. rob

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See if this thread helps you at all. I just posted my reply.

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I use a program called screen hunter it is free and works real nice you can get it at 😉

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Search google for GrabClipSave


😀 IT WORKED!! Thanks for the info. Just bought the software a few days ago and can't seem to get enough of it. THANKS AGAIN!

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