No Radio Contact in FS2000?

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hi guys,


i played fs2002 or fs2004 wid my friend, in it u can ask for clearance and switch stations when the tower tells u wat to press. but in fs2000, i cant find those options, the tower doesnt even speak to me, i just takeoff/land.
i tried switching to diff frequencies, nothing happend. some1 please help me! sorry if its a newbie/stupid question 😞


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and um, i took lessons with "rob" and after the how to takeoff one, he said to do chapters 6 and 7. where can i found these?

sorry for all these stupid/newbie questions. im new to FS2000

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Sorry I never had 2000, you'll have to wait until a member answers you or TTT or Flyaway show up in about 4 hours.

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well, can u please then tell me how u get radio transmissions in 2004 or w/e? i doubt it will be VERY different



saq,e thing with me i can only get the contcat in the missions.

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😳 fs2000 OMG I can't remember that far back, I will have to go to the TTT Towers vault and find it

Now then........ where did I put my torch

Back soon(I hope,its dark in there Fear )


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Ninja Im back and its too dark(I will find it later) but I found this little lot for fs2000 ➡

Its a big set of Q & As for 2000 and one of the last entries of section 5 (Flying) it says ➡
"FS2000 itself does not support atc, except for some adventures and ATIS."

So it looks like there is no ATC (when I find it I will check)
But there are loads of tips there for you

Also found this site (I dont know if the d/loads work)


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i do not think FS2000 has ATC, anyway.

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