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Set up to fly a long route, Denver to Sydney. Set it all up, get in the air, set the autopilot. Have service in fspax set to auto. Aprox. 16 hour flight. I admit it, I went to work, with the 747 - 400 flying on its own. Came home a good 12 hours later, still flying, everything going great. Finish the flight, make a picture perfect landing in Sydney. Begin taxiing to the gates. Ground will not let me select taxi to gates as an option. I am sitting there on the taxiway (ATC told me to turn next taxiway) trying to get it to work, and a plane turns onto my taxiway and runs into my plane. 67 passengers killed, fspax says its my fault!!!!!

How annoying. I actually had the entire flight done in real time, then I get screwed!!!!


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

😞 It happens. It might be that ATC didn't assign you a gate because they didn't have any for your size - probably because they were taken up already with traffic.


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Oucchhhhh...How bad ❗ ❗ ❗

Jon notice is correct(As always :thumbup🙂 .
Even though im not a heavy flyer i have such a familiar experience with a C-130 to a small airport.In such cases i always end my flight without care about ATC.

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Wall Bashing Wall Bashing Wall Bashing


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When I flew on vatsim, I turned off crash detection with other planes to prevent the problem of someone logging on right on top of me, causing a crash.

Does FSP detect other planes of you don't have crash detection with other planes enabled?

Edit: Turning off crash detection with other planes, also eliminates the problem when ATC clears the plane behind you to take off before you.

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That happens, it´s normal. 🙂

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