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How/where do I find Uluru (the rock) in Australia ❓

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Alice Springs at 2520′41″S, 13101′57″E.

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Out of curiosity, does mcmxl mean something or is it Roman numerals for 1440?

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mcm=my initials, xl=excel (a phone company I worked for). mcmxl is also part of my email address. 😀 🙂 😂

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The closest airport to Uluru/Ayeres Rock is Connellan (YAYE)

With clear weather, you can see the rock from the runway.

There is a much better photorealtic scenery file of the rock available here:

This package includes an accurate satellite textured gmax model of Uluru, improved landclass for the surrounding area, updated roads, and lots of photoreal tour buses. I've also included the old airfield at the north eastern side of the rock. It has been closed and re-vegetated but you can still land (very bumpily) on the sand. Don't try and land on the rock itself, you'll find it's not quite as solid as it looks... The rock turns an especially beautiful shade of red at sunset, and the observation carpark is an extremely popular place to see it from.

Hope this helps 😂

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