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e skyworld is a meeting place between pilots and Air Traffic Controllers who prefer to fly in an environment that is as close to reality as possible, and also very important, the most user friendly their is out there. We provide a level of realism without having to download any complicated software. At eSky, you always talk to the controllers and you never have to type back to them from the moment your flight plan is files to the moment you land 2 our 3 hours latter. Most of our staff now comes from VATSIM. And they come here because we are shaping up to be very different in the way we handle staff and pilots.

And we offer what we call AIR-CASH. We keep track of how many times you fly, how long and we credit you with virtual money, which then in turn can be used to buy services from other pilots or other VA's. In fact our DATA tracking system is the ideal tool for Virtual Airline operators. VA's can buy Airport assets with their money, see who is flying on their roster and who is not. We add every few weeks or so new options that make the experience, again closer to the real Airline industry.

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