Altitude Concorde Engine start

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How do you do it?

I've spent hours, the instructions don't appear clear enough to me. Customer support just told me to refer to the manual.

Ctrl E gets them spinning but nothing more.

Anyone worked out a way of doing it?

I tried getting aloft in another Aircraft then swapped. I was left with a nice but quiet Concorde glider!

Thanks in advance.


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Are you talking about the "payware" Concorde or a free download.
If it's the payware then either contact the company or wait for a member that has it.
If it's a free one tell us which so we can take a look at the aircraft and instructions.
Let us know.


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Dont Know See if this helps.


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Hi , I have the Altitude concorde (payware) your talking about from Game and this is more similar to the ready for pushback 747 in that you must follow the checklist. (its a true simulator) RTFM, RTFC

I have been flying the fs2004 / 2002 concordes for over two years and the first time I tried it took me 30 mins to start up concorde , it doesnt help that the checklist is missing a key item.

Look at the PDF checklist that comes with the game and print it out just before it tells you to push in the Trim Stabilisers you will need to power up the Flight data computers (FDC 1 & 2) they are on the Pilot Pedastal (PP).

Anyway a quick overview on how to start the engine on the concorde - note this does not put it into a flying condition

remember your not flying a place your flying concorde (from the training manual)

Concorde is 4 aircrafts in one (quote Mike Bannister - Chief Pilot Concorde )

Real pilots spent 6 months ground traiinng and 19 4 hr sim trips

1. Fuel Panel (note there are two its the larger one)

turn on all the fuel pumps (low pressure goes out )
8 - 10 switches

2. Engineer Overhead

set Auto Ignition to On
set throttle control to main
set auto ignition to on

3. Start Panel

start sequence 4 - 1 - 2 -3
set engine control to DEBOW wait for switch to turn yellow
press the start switch at 2000 rpm

2. Engineer overhead

change engine valve to open for selected engine go back to start panel

Once engines are ideling at 60%

4. Pilot Pedastal

FDC 1 One
FDC 2 On

5. Pilot Overhead

Depress trim 1 & 2 on
Depress Feel 1 & 2 On
Electronic trim On
Anti stall 1& 2 on
change from mech to green for rudder and elevons

at this point most of the overhead waring lights should be out , expect c og g still to be an issue as you have to have no more than about 90 - 91 tons of fuel on board for takeoff , the res tis for taxi.

THIS is the BEST concorde simulator to date , also the FCFS (autopilot) simulates the real world concorde so you have to understand how that works.

Speedbird 001

aka Jeremy

gs123 Guest

and other need your help asap

gsl123 Guest

speedbird i need that plane contact me asap if u have msn or aol we will link up there

JScaptain Guest

how did you get Altitudes Concorde, the reliase date is 23 juli!!! it's 1 and a half week to go!?! ❓ 😳 😕 ❗

steab Guest

speedbird its all good you telling us what to do which i thankyou for but the controls are so small im unable to see what buttons to push as i dont know where they are if you can help please

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re the start programme for concorde. if you go to the flight tutorial on cd print this out (88 pages) this contains the correct sequence for engine start.

do not forget to open high pressure valves once engines spinning at 20%, this give you 60% and afterburners. remember though you can only use these at certain times and for a short duration during take off Guest

JScaptain wrote:

how did you get Altitudes Concorde, the reliase date is 23 juli!!! it's 1 and a half week to go!?! ❓ 😳 😕 ❗

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