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Hi all,

I am going to fly around the world in many stages in a 737. Problem is that I am awful with geography and I dont know where many airports are or the best way to plan a route around the world.
I want to start at EGGP. Does anybody have a list of airports they have used on a similar trip?


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Oh, ill be using FSP so a couple of dangerous areas would be nice to keep me on my toes Wink

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I have done something familiar in past.
But i was just drifting and choose the airport was closer when i want to land.I start from Greece and return to Greece via Turkey ,Russia,Alaska,Canada,Us,Colombia,Argentina,Brazil,Cross the Atlantic to Africa and the back to Greece.The fact that you are going to fly with a 737 dont allow you to land everywhere so maybe you miss a part of the fun...Anyway...In FSPax menu you will notice a Dangerous Airports database.Check them and see what areas are close to the trip you plan to do. 😉

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I keep a world map (free in an ad for National Geographic) by the side of my desk, and just pick a city that's in the vicinity of where I want to go. Then I use the map in FS09 for the final airport selection, to find one with a long enough runway.

I just think it's more interesting if I make up the trip as I go.


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Thanks for your advice guys.

I started on it yesterday taking off from EGGP. I am now in Iran at OIII.

I am just heading in the general direction I think I need to go and using to look up place names then looking for airports in that area.

Im only making fairly short flights as my work timetable doesnt allow me to fly too long flights but here is what I have done so far


Next step is OIII to OPKC which is in Pakistan. It will be my longest flight so far on my trip. Over 1000nm.

During my last leg the flaps got stuck in position 1 on the approach. Bit of a bumpy landing coming in fast but landed safely and got some nice bonus points too 😀

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Keep on flying. 👍

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