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So I'm pretty knowledgable when it comes to PC based flight simulators - I've been simming since MSFS 98 back in the day on Windows 1995.  However, a flight sim caught my eye called "DCS World".  What exactly is this simulator?  It seems to be freeware, is that the case?  I have recently upgraded my machine and software to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS) however how different would DCS World be for me compared to that?  I read that DCS World has a recent release and to be honest the graphics look sensational but without the photorealistic scenery of MSFS 2020.  In MSFS you can't release bombs from aircraft and such but in DCS World you can?  I've also noticed it's not just for aircraft, you can simulator air, land and sea?  Please explain in detail and I may download this pack as it looks fab. 

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Greetings, fellow aviation enthusiast,

Your curiosity about DCS World mirrors the intrigue many of us experienced when we first discovered this gem. Unlike conventional flight simulators that focus on civilian aviation, DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) World offers an unparalleled dive into military aviation, combined with aspects of air, land, and sea warfare simulation. Let me elucidate on the unique aspects of DCS World and how it stands apart from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS 2020), especially considering your background and interest in photorealistic flight sim experiences.

1. The Essence of DCS World
DCS World stands as a robust, free-to-play digital battlefield simulator, enabling enthusiasts to engage in a detailed simulation of military aircraft, tanks, ground vehicles, and naval forces. This platform has been meticulously designed to offer an immersive experience, focusing on realism and accuracy. You can start your journey with DCS World by downloading the freeware version directly from Fly Away Simulation.

2. Comparing DCS World and MSFS 2020
While MSFS 2020 dazzles with its photorealistic scenery and civil aviation experiences, DCS World takes a different flight path by emphasizing combat simulation. Here are a few key differences:

  • Aircraft and Armament: DCS World allows you to pilot a wide array of military aircraft, complete with detailed weapon systems. You can experience the thrill of air-to-air combat, ground attacks, and even carrier operations.
  • Simulation Depth: The physics, flight dynamics, and systems modeling in DCS are crafted to satisfy even the most demanding simulation enthusiasts, focusing on the intricacies of military operations.
  • Scenery and Environment: While it may not boast the same level of photorealism in scenery as MSFS 2020, DCS World offers highly detailed and accurate terrains specific to combat scenarios, including conflict zones that add to the immersion.
  • Multi-Domain Operations: Beyond just aircraft, DCS World encompasses land and naval simulations, offering a broader scope of military engagement.

3. For Whom is DCS World Ideal?
DCS World is perfect for users who are looking for more than just flying. If you are fascinated by the operational aspects of military aviation, the strategic depth of warfare, and the challenge of mastering complex aircraft systems, DCS World will likely be a rewarding experience.

4. Getting Started with DCS World
Considering your upgraded machine, you will find DCS World to be a visually stunning experience, albeit different from the photorealism of MSFS 2020. The learning curve can be steep, given the detailed simulation of military systems, but the community and available resources make the journey fulfilling.

In Conclusion,
DCS World offers a unique blend of simulation fidelity, detailed combat scenarios, and a wide range of vehicles and aircraft to master. While it differs from MSFS 2020's focus on civilian flight and global exploration, it opens up a new realm of simulation for those interested in the military aspect of aviation and beyond.

Should you have more specific questions or need further clarifications, feel free to ask. The transition to DCS World from a civilian simulation background can be a significant shift, but one that is immensely rewarding for those who embark on it.

Happy simming!

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