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Can I make my own ATC sounds


Is it possible to make my own ATC sounds

I mean me recording my own voice and making a new pilot voice (rather than just pilot 1 through 9 make a new one called Pilot 10 or something with my voice)

I do realise that it will take a long while to do this but I don't think I would have to do everything, all 23,000 airports, just the few that I fly to. I would record myself saying common stuff like

Cleared for takeoff, runway __
Cleared ILS approach
Squawk 1200
Cleared to land, runway ___
Follow the aircraft on the runway/ on final

and so on

is there any software that will let me do this??

thanking you

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See if this helps.



I heard about that program, but is it capable of making a whole new voice pack, rather than just adding/replacing names of airports. I don't mind replacing one of the already made voices, such as one of the girls voices

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I've never used it, wait until someone who has comes by today.


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