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I have read in various posts and forums that it is good to disable AA in
fs9, and then max it out in your card settings. Is this correct?
Lately, I've been doing both. Could this be the reason my autogen objects insist on shimmering constantly? Idea


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Disable it in the sim settings and set it for 4 in the cards control panel.
That seems to be the best...so far.


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thanks RM, that's what I thought. 🙂

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Another question, please, if I may:

I'm thinking about tweaking my .cfg just a tiny bit. I'm running with a
pretty good system (amd64, 256mb pci-e, 1 gig ram) and you've seen
my screenies. Here is my .cfg:


My question is, can I bring up the last one, my terrain_extended_levels
Would this make much of a difference?

Many, many thanks.

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