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Quick question for a A340 user (the boxed 'Just Flight' payware version).

What is the correct Flap setting for landing in this craft ?


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I would think around 30 deg. or so. Anything higher than 40deg. would create a lot of drag---- more so than lift, but would be good for short field landings.

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Cheers Leadfoot will try that tonight... any other views in the meantime and I can announce the winner of Monday ! 🙂 Surprised 😀

I have just bought the JustFlight A340 today and it's sitting in my bag - but I'm at work, so have to wait until tonight.....

I flicked through the manual and it is limited.... most of the operating stuff needs to be accessed on-line but I have an issue with Adobe Acrobat at the moment.... Up until now I've been a Boeing man but I want to check out some Airbus planes.... AutoPilot seems quite different as well as the the 'modes' of thrust.

Thanks for the Flaps pointer - will try it tonight.

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😀 I like the Airbus family of aircraft but have not tried the A340 yet
Some of the best can found here a flyaway d/loads(look for iFDG)
As for your flap problem try here ➡


Dont know if the answer is there but loads of other stuff about the Airbus

Let us know how you get on

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It's the A340 / A330 from Just Flight.... What a plane, a real technological wizard. The Flap settings are configured in 1, 2, 3, Full, order and landing can be made in either setting 3 or Full... This is the first plane in FS2004 that I've managed to perform full Cat 3 Autolanding in... great stuff ! It's a good plane because, although it has cutting edge technology it's intuitive and straightforward to operate and programme, I've also got the FMC about 90% sussed too (Whereas I've only sussed about 50% of the 737 NG' s FMC after 2 weeks!)....

The liveries are also superb with this add-on... If you go for the A340 you get all the big Airlines that use these crafts, and the A330 tends to be the UK Charter Companies such as JMC, Airtours and My Travel...

This is my current joint favourite add-on (along with 737 NG), as it's my first 'proper' Airbus plane and the operating differences to the Boeings make in really interesting.

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leadfoot First Officer

I figure the flap settings do this, 1; the front flaps come out first at around 200kts and possibly 10 deg main flaps as well---- the front flaps are vital lest you lose roll control and land upside down, this WILL happen in swept wing craft. 2; main flaps 20 deg,3; 30, full; 40 deg. The reason for the kruegers out front is this; When a strait wing stalls, the roots stall first, thus leaving the airflow over the ailerons at the ends relatively undisturbed, that lends itself to good roll control, however, the swept wing will stall at the tips first, right where the ailerons are, thus leaving you with no roll control. That is due to the fact that when the air hits a swept wing, it slides outwards from the root to the tip as it crosses the wing, not unlike a slide, only horizontally. As a result, you need flaps at the front end of the wing as well. They serve as an advance guide for the air to flow over the ends properly. The reason they come out first is because the wings start to stall at the tips at a relatively high speed, I.E. 200 kts or even better on the brittish airliners, like on the order of 220 kts. I have read numerous NTSB accident reports regarding the pilots failure to deploy the kruegers on approach or takeoff. Two stand out in my mind, one involved a Brittish pilot who was distracted by an episode of anger( later determined to have been caused by a stroke) and forgot to extend the the slats at the 220kts limit, and proceeded to almost immediately lose control of the plane and crashed. The other involved a 727 here in the States, The pilot forgot to set the flaps for takeoff, and immediatly lost control after liftoff and rolled inverted and crashed killing all aboard. I found it amazing that it got off the ground in the first place, seeing that the difference in lift between no flaps and takeoff setting is vitually two to one in the 727.

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