Crasher when entering Learning Center

Raul_Fury Guest

Hey everyone,

I'm new to Flight Simulator 9. I installed it and it works great, but whn I open the Learning Center it crashes the game up and then I have to restart it.

I would appreciate any help of any kind concerning this problem.

Thanks in advance😀

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TimTim Guest

What are your system specs?? How much memory do you hvae??

Raul_Fury Guest

Wow, I found the answer in another forum searching in it, I'm so happy now I can fully use the simulator. The problem was that since I have that new version of Internet Explorer 7, the Simulator wasn't working with it. The solution is:

You have to Backup the file named oleacc.dl in another folder.
The file is located in the Root Folder of Flight Simulator 9.

I guess that file didn't let the Simulator work it's internet magic.

Thanks all who tried to help me,
and I hope this solves some peoples problems.[/b]

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