FS9 Freezes and crashes during Help or Help Center

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➡ FS9 freezes when I go to help center or menu>help.

Has this ever happened to anyone else, is there a fix. I have uninstalled FS9, beginning with unistalling the 9.1 update first, then uninstalling the FS9. Then reinstalled from scratch. Still freezes.

Now, there's even an further problem, because now program goes to Help Center as default opening screen when the program loads; which in turn freezes the program. I have fixed that temporarily by changing a line in fs9.cfg so that it loads a flight file instead of the help center first.

The only thing that I have done different than normal is I recently installed Ultimate Terrain USA-Alaska/Canada. And when I uninstalled it first then fs9.1 upgrade then fs9, and reinstalled fs9, then fs9.1, then without installing the scenery, the help screen still freezes the program.

I really need help, as this is really confusing me and I don't know how to fix it. I can fly run the program OK, but when I go to shut down, of course it goes to the start up screen first, then freezes because the default help center still comes up on the exit screen with some dude and his wife trying to train and welcome me to flight simulation. Any ideas??

Signed, I_give_up!

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Read this over and try some of their suggestions, but I think you have to follow the uninstall method that they suggest to get rid of everything. Any part of the sim that's left behind keeps causing the same problem.
A number of our members have gone as far as to reinstall Windows to get a clean install of the sim.
Bummer, let us know how you do and good luck.



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