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Rich T Guest

Does anyone have any idea how to get ATC to say what I want them to say?

I have a British Airways BAe 146-300 which ATC call me "Speed Bird" and then the flight number. I am trying to get them to say "British Airways" and flight number "BA8704".

I altered the aircraft cfg file ATC airline to "British Airways", but that didn't work, then tried just "BA", but that didn't work either. Also they only read out 5 digits of the flight number, so my only alternative is "8704".

What I don't understand is that the KLM version above has "KLM" as the airline and flight number "KL1123". When ATC identifies this aircraft, they say "KLM KL112".

Even just getting them to say "BA8704" will be enough, but is this possible?


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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Here is the location of the ATC Voice Pack SDK (scroll down)that allows you to reprogram ATC voice response:

The call sign of British Airways (real world) is Speedbird.

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hinch Chief Captain

i think it's cool BA is reffered to as 'speedbird'

if only they still flew concorde..

Guest Guest

I had always wondered why ATC kept referring to the Airtran airplanes as "Citrus".......

Now I know!

Thanks for that link CRJ!!!



Thanks CRJ.

I didn't realise BA was called Speed Bird still. I thought only Concorde was called that!

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