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davidmac1 First Officer

i am wanting to take my current freewebs site to a proper .com site, we have this webspace ready, how do i get my current site transferred?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Check with your new web hosting company and see if they can help.
You may have to give them free access to both and then change passwords.


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You can sign up for Premium service at Freewebs. You can choose a .com, .net, and a lot more. If you sign up for 1 year full service it will be $3.50 a month.

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hinch Chief Captain

you cannot 'transfer' a website if your new web hosting is elsewhere. you will have to download it (via ftp) and re-upload it i'm afraid. i doubt with freewebs you'll be able to download a backup. most servers use the same system so you can simply download one zip then re-install it later.

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davidmac1 First Officer

yes just found out about ftp, i have downlo0aded a program for it, i let you know how i get on

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