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OK, a couple noob questions here. Have a look at my scenery settings, please:

Notice my default scenery and terrain are lowest on my priority list. Is this correct? At the top of my priorities are voz and megascenery-pnw. I don't use these exclusively, however. A lot of the time I am using default + ground environment. Also, should I tick the "empty cd-rom cache on exit" box? The only cd-rom I'm using is the fs9 disk 4.

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Same thing happens to me to.All my add-ons sceneries are in priority compare to the defaults.Its OK.

Why dont you upgrade FS9 to 9.1 and use the No-cd Crack?

FS9.1 Update Patch ➡


No CD-Crack ➡


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Thanks GM 🙂

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Always a pleasure my friend. 😉

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