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I have recently been doing anti-virus scans every few days and there seems to always be 3 or 4 that avast dutifully finds.

Is this normal...I use avast and have Zonealarm firewall installed. I was under the impression they'd protect me from such threats 😕

Also...once avast finds the virus, what should I do with them. It recommends I move them to the "chest" but should I just delete them.

Thanks a lot 😉

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When you download a file, do you scan it before installing it? That may be where you are picking up these beasties. If you scan them immediately after downloading, you will know where not to download files the next time.

You can delete infected files only if you know what they are and know they have no impact on something you need.

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I don't usually scan my dowloaded files...thanks for the advice 😉 ...but I thought the whole point of a programme like avast was to protect you from these threats, or do I need a payware programme.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Always scan d/loaded files,be it for fs or mp3's.
I also use Avast and its very good 👍 but the suspect "virus" it finds may only be cookies
If it is finding a genuine virus (check its name via Google)you may have to turn off "system restore" in windows and then run the full scan(all A/V scans cannot scan the protected area within windows)
Once you have run the scan and "cleaned" your system you can restart system restore

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OK thanks TTT 😉

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