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I was just doing a flight in the Beech 1900C and was having a problem with the throttles.

The problem was that only one of them was responding to my commands via the joystick. The other one had to be moved manaully. Also Ctrl + Alt + F1 only shut one of the engines down ❓

Any ideas?? Dont Know

Thanks 😉

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It happens If you use CTRL + E to start your engines and keep the keys press for a little long time more or you press them twice.
In order to turn your engines on just hit for a moment the two keys and let machines start or use the cockpit buttons to start engines.
Just restart FS and everything will be fine. 😉

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Ive seen this a couple of times. I believe there is a key that I pressed accidently which allowed independant moving of the throttles but I dont know it. Reloading the A/C seemed to fix it though.

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You've probably accidentally selected one engine. Press E and then tap 1 and 2 (and 3 and 4 if you are flying a four engine aircraft) to select engines 1 and 2 😉

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Thanks guys 😉


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