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Hi guys,

I know that during the cruise, pilots check their fuel....to see if they've got a leake etc.

I was just wondering what the equations for these calculations are so I can do them in my PMDG 737-600 😉

Also...what other checks should I be doing in the cruise for the 737??

Thanks 😉

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This might be of use - and its used to see if you have enough fuel remaining so you can see if you need to divert:


If you want to do it yourself then...

Fuel required = (Consumption - using RPH × Flight Time) + Reserve + Start-up and Taxi

You can do this in flight to see if you will have enough fuel for the rest of the flight by comparing it to what you actually have on board.

As for other monitorings in cruise...if consists of checking fuel as mentioned above, checking engine read-outs (i.e. monitoring N1, N2, EGT, FF etc), checking weather reports, checking and establishing the diversion airport and calculate fuel required for that divert as well as checking weather reports for that diversion airport. Also, check and verify you understand the approach plates and ground charts of your destination and divert airport. That should keep you busy.


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Thanks Jon 👍

But are you saying that looking out of the window isn't the done thing 😂

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Not in this case...


The sun at FL400 can get really annoying sometimes

😂 😂

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Pilots make a dead reackoning log before going in a cross-country flight.
Using the fuel consumption/burn for their aircraft, one of the section of the log consists of putting remaining fuel at each checkpoint, and the fuel burned during that leg. This is done before the flight, and pilots check the log to be sure everything is going as planned...

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