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Hi, wondering if anyone in here has encountered a similar problem with Saitek Pro Throttles? I find the levers do not emulate those in the sim, so when selecting full power, only partial power is reflected in the sim. I can correct this by using the respective lever/dial on either my CH Yoke, or Combat Stick and the sim instantly responds with full power. I have tired several times to recalibrate the Saitek Throttles and they appear to be fully functional and working correctly in the set up and calibration modes, just not when I go back to FS2004. This problem is common to all selected aircraft default and downloaded, so is evedently a problem with the Saitek Throttles rather then FS2004. I've emailed Saitek's Tech Support regarding this, but was curious if any of you have experienced this problem and if you had a solution?

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I trust you ran the Installation disk?

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

Yeah although they said you don't need to to use the controller as it automaticaly install the drivers, etc. It works, just not allowing full throttle settings. Calibration parameters look right, and it checks out ok, but it will not aloow full range of levers in the game. All the disk really has is a program allowing you to create and save a bunch of different settings. I hope Saitek gets back to me early this week, or I'll simply return the controller to where I purchased it.

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

Just wanted to let everyone know, I received a prompt reply for Saitek's tech support folks. They gave clear easy to follow instructions on how to resolve the problems, and it worked! I gives one confidence in Saitek's products which given the knowledge I now posess, I would purchase over CH. If I could recover any of the investment I have in the CH stuff I already have, I'd gladly switch to a full Saitek controller package. CH if they even bothered to reply, were not at all helpful, were too technical and didn't make any real effort to examine the problem, nor offer any real help. If I look at the original problem with the CH yoke, Saitek's solution might well have been the same for the CH Quadrant. A small detail like dissabling the T,P,&M levers on the yoke may have been all it took to get the Quadrant functioning properly.

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