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Hello everyone. A while ago, I was looking for a way to connect stereo speakers to the computer, so all the sound would come out of them, rather than the ordinary small speakers. Well, I've finally figured that out, but I have a question regarding adjusting Volume. You see, in the flightsim, or when listening to music, I notice that if I raise the bass level, the volume of the actual song (or aircraft) is reduced. It seems like it takes a second for the music to recover from each "hit" of bass -- If I reduce the bass, the volume of the song remains constant - Does anyone know how I can keep the bass strong, and yet keep the volume of the actual song file high at the same time?

(I've been fidgeting with the equalizer for a while now, to no avail)


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Try to use the flat amplifiers option and disable the EQ and see what would be the results.
In theory the volume level stay constant but when you raise bass there are some lower frequencies that covers the higher ones of your song or sounds.Thats make you think that you ''loose'' your song.
Did you use the AUX Input of your Amplifier in order to connect there your PC?
Did you use the right RCA cables and a STEREO jack in order to manage the connection?

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Gee GM, thanks a lot for the advice -- It certainly helped -- In reference to your two questions, everything was connected properly, and just utilizing the flat amplifiers option did the job -- Thank you very much 😉

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