3D Glasses?

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Has anyone got/tried/used/binned/recommended any 3D glasses before?

There seem to be two types, the cheaper "shutter" type which alternate the frames on your monitor, and the more expensive ones with true images for each eye being shown in the headset you wear.

I didn't realise there were so many available now; (taken from ) - prices range from "affordable" to upwards of $49,000!

My mate had some of the cheaper "shutter" ones around 6 years ago and he said they did work were pretty pants and could make your eyes tired after long periods. The downside is a flickery image because your refresh rate is effectively halved in order for the two different scenes to be drawn alternately.

Any comments?


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I got a pair that cost $1,300 the hurt my eyes Poke in Eye and lower vision Geek (not intended for people who suffer or may have had motion seizures)

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horrgakx First Officer

Thanks for the reply - how'd you mean 'lower vision'? As in height? Amount of light...? "Lower the standards to toilet humour"? 🙂

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my friend bout a normal high performance 3d galsses, and i was trying them alot , nothing happened to my eys, and its so cool.

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horrgakx First Officer

So I posted this nearly 3 years ago, I'm sure there have been improvements in the technology and price drops along with it.

So, has anyone recently bought some 3D glasses? I'm scared to buy some in case they are crap.

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I've thought about these too, but was never able to get any actual feedback in here. Like you I'd like to get some good facts before considering a purchase. Be cool if they worked near as good as they promised. Let me know if you get a set and how they work for you.

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