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I dont post much, and I know this is gonna make me sound like a killjoy, but...........
Why the rush on FSX? From what I read about it, most people will not have a system capable of running it right. I have a really nice fast computer, and FS2K4 still shows slowdowns in big scenery areas. To me it appears that to run FSX, we will all need to spend a lot of money on a top of the line NEW computer with every bell and whistle one can get, just to run FSX.

I am wondering "What if"? What if FSX is a giant fiasco as was FS2000?

What if the improvements are NOT so great as everyone is hopeing for? There you are sitting in front of your brand new ultra expensive computer, trying tofly FSX, and it isnt running very well, or you have to cut the graphics way back? And how long till PATCHES will appear?
What if ATC is still screwed up?

Personally I hope it is everything it looks like it will be, a new computer would be nice, but I am left wondering if it will be FS2004 with only a few improvments, rather than a VAST step forward>\?

I hope the difference would be comprable to say FS98 vs FS2K4

I personally would like to see

ATC that is realistic
Full AI on all runways, and NOBODY pulling onto the runway just as you are about to land
More realistic looking terrain and OVERALL real world look
Better detailed cities/airports
More in game Aircraft
Aircraft with better physics
(NO X plane does not interest me)
Better real world weather abilities
Stalls that are correct, correct spins
Easier methods of aircraft and scenery building/adding on

So, lets not RUSH Microsoft about a relesase date. Let them tweak the game and when it comes out, be a GEM.

Capt. Dennison

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

I agree in the general idea.
Me and many others here suggest patience and we shall see about FSX.
Personally ,and i think most of us, dont like to fall in Markting traps which are made very carefull and hit right in the target....Amazing real Graphics.... ❗
Demos and videos are great but with what systems and who tells me that they dont edit it just to hit bettr results....?
My system is ready too but not because MS told me so...I decide it some months back without know what FSX needs in order to run.

FSX will be better ,this is more than sure...Im not so sure though if its so much better than all these articles,videos and shots tell us.

So lets wait and discuss after this product comes to market.

My humble opinion. 😉

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Interesting ideas Capt. Dennison.

I don't personally have the money to afford a brand new top of the range PC, but if I did, I know I'd be very annoyed if FSX wasn't all it was cracked up to be - but then, how far can they go, without needed people to have absolute super machines - for example, yes, they could make a simulator, with extensive photographic scenery and moving ground crew etc; not that anyone would be able to run it, for the cost of the damn machine to install FSX in the first place!

Apart from improving scenery / textures (including weather) and ATC (to make it more realistic), I fail to see where this "vast step forward" you'd like to see, is going to come from - but we shall see!

Just my personal opinion on the matter 😉

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I think it'll be worthwhile, boated because they can now use DVD's and will probably tax any top of the line machine that's currently available, home or commercially built.
I need a new machine so I will have one that will handle it as best as possible along with that new memory hog Vista, also on a DVD.


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KenTel First Officer

Well, I had hoped to complete my new build last weekend, but as usual the postman took his time, and the last component didn't arrive till today, it's heart, the cpu AMD X2 +4400, so while waiting I picked up another SATA II HD 200Gb, but till I get a larger case, will have to leave a few components off.

Next weekend, will have the worktop cleared for action, and I'm looking for fs9 to really fly, have today ordered a copy of XP 64 to update the old? 😂 XP.

Hoping with this setup and running fs9, by the time fsX is available, I may have it running smoothly, and fast.

And just in case you all think I'm rich (wish) picked most parts up on eBay. Must have saved at least 30% off retail prices.

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Mohit (Mc_GaNgStA) First Officer

I'm planning next year, in Jan '07, to buy a new graphics card, probably the Nvidia 7800 or 6800 with 512MB, and update my RAM to 2 GB. Will tht be sufficient, if I continue having Windows XP SP2? or is it NECESSARY to have Vista?

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KenTel First Officer

Mc_GaNgStA wrote:

I'm planning next year, in Jan '07, to buy a new graphics card, probably the Nvidia 7800 or 6800 with 512MB, and update my RAM to 2 GB. Will tht be sufficient, if I continue having Windows XP SP2? or is it NECESSARY to have Vista?

Well I cannot answer that completely, except that SP2, one of those graphics cards, and 2Gb of ram should work OK, but the final fps may be too low. But until the mass users have a chance to use FSX, in all the various computer specs, we (myself at least) are still just having educated guesses.

I am upgrading my hardware, as this is something that I do every couple of years, or when I think the new stuff is unresistable. I'm a bit of a techno junkie!

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Good post 👍
Fs9 was a big step forward compared to Fs8,so will Fsx ?
I hope it is another big step forward,but wonder at what it will cost Fear in terms of hardware
From what we have seen from Microsoft,some video and screenshots,it looks,at 1st hand, very impressive.
But I still think we may have been conned
The videos showed the same shots(with the 1st video showing someone controling the helicopter with a joystick)Where we watching a true "live" demonstration,or a computer rendered animation ?
Only time will tell

I did buy fs9 the day it came out in the UK (or thereabouts) but will wait to read what others are saying about Fsx before I part with my cash(I say this now,but Umm... we will see 🙄 )

Will we have to wait for Vista and the "enhanced play" to enjoy Fsx to the full?(my main reason for waiting)
As for the hardware thing,Ive been putting off my rebuild/new PC for some time now.Duel core has to be the way to go,at the moment(quad core is comming)and as for duel GFX cards(again quad is comming)the forums seem split as to whether duel mid priced GFX cards are better than a single top end GFX card(which works out slightly cheaper)

Once again the ramblings of an old Fs nut Blink

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Faucett First Officer

Good thoughts, TTT. I think most of us are in a "wait and see" mode, but
I believe strongly that MS will deliver (haven't they always?)

Its a case of bad timing that fsX will come out in conjunction with Vista, however
I think the more wizened among us will wait for a somewhat stable version
of Vista + fsX + dx10 (could be spring of '07) to make a final pronouncement.

Patience, I believe.


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KenTel First Officer

Well I'm waiting for my copy of Vista Beta to arrive, and hopefully I can give it a test drive on my fresh build. I got an extra SATA2 drive, just for Vista, so hoping can run with dual OS setup with XP64, or XP. Will have 3 computers to test it with, this with XP, and XP64, and my golden oldie with ME! 😂 I don't need them all, but sometimes it has a use, like if I get a bug in one, I can always seek help online using another.

Mind the wife reckons my computer room gets more like a jungle every day. She has her computer in another room, I do the maintenance (of course), with her easel and paint buckets, brushes, wow! She has her own jungle also. 😂 😂 Well she is an Artist, and we all know what they are like, don't we? 😂 😂

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Faucett First Officer

Bless you Kentel, do give us updates!!


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KenTel First Officer

Faucett wrote:

Bless you Kentel, do give us updates!!


Certainly, soon as anything developes!

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Mohit (Mc_GaNgStA) First Officer

OMG. KenTel, was just reading ur specification, man that's high. How much did you spend on it approximately?

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KenTel First Officer

Mc_GaNgStA wrote:

OMG. KenTel, was just reading ur specification, man that's high. How much did you spend on it approximately?

Well if I knew that, I'd probably not sleep at night! 😂 😂
Actually not so bad really, some of it is already in use in my present setup, and most of the other parts, have taken a while to accumulate via economical bidding on eBay. The cpu was the highest, but on eBay, with last second bidding, I saved over 25% off recommended price. It was new, with cooler, seller had bought it, and then got a better one +4800 I believe. His loss, my gain. I suppose total expenditure was around £350.00p, but this is only for items which I didn't have already.

Total Cost, could be around £750.00p at a rough guess. I do buy 2nd hand computers sometimes, in a not working condition, for basically peanuts, and then strip out the parts, and sometimes just one working part alone is worth while. If you get a good case, that can be a start.

But you need to have an idea of what you need and what to pay.

Its surprising how much you can accumulate over around 30 years of building my own computers, and I add, just as a hobby.

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