How do you use the gps in IFLy 747

Hawk_345 Guest

How do you use the special navigatio system in the Ifly 747, i dont know how to plot a course to another airport so i hardly ever use this magnificent plane, could some1 give me steps on how to use this thing, i think its called FMC, if not is there a way to get normal GPS in it, i rather use whats in it but if i cant i need something. Please post.

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Hawk_345 Guest

this thread is about FMC and how to use it, so please dont get the 2 threads mixed up, me and another guest made very similar threads, sorry if it was confusing.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Try going to the PMDG website and downloading some documentation on how to use the 747 FMC:


Hawk_345 Guest

Ok thanks for that link, i will try and download it and hope for the best, thanks again.

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