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Airport Environment Upgrade

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jelami First Officer

I just downloaded this and checked out a few different Airports. Very nice job on the textures, more realistic, even the pavement looks real. You know in need of repair for the cracks and unevenness. Great job! Very Happy
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Chris Arrington
Kurt Stangrecki
Kenneth Weik
Henry Lidster
Greg Schneider
Tomi Kunej

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Thumbs Up! I agree, I've been using it for quite a while.
When I installed my new h/d this was the first download that I installed.
But remember...always back up your files.


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Steeev Trainee

Is AEU 6 the latest version?
I have AEU MX running, which I downloaded from this site.
It looks great, especially at the bigger airports at dawn! I have a slight niggle every now and then.. When I land at an airport, sometimes the game quits to desktop - only been happening since I installed AEU MX. Any ideas?

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