Airport Environment Upgrade

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I just downloaded this and checked out a few different Airports. Very nice job on the textures, more realistic, even the pavement looks real. You know in need of repair for the cracks and unevenness. Great job! 😀
Salute to the Authors 👏
Chris Arrington
Kurt Stangrecki
Kenneth Weik
Henry Lidster
Greg Schneider
Tomi Kunej

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RadarMan Chief Captain

👍 I agree, I've been using it for quite a while.
When I installed my new h/d this was the first download that I installed.
But remember...always back up your files.


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Is AEU 6 the latest version?
I have AEU MX running, which I downloaded from this site.
It looks great, especially at the bigger airports at dawn! I have a slight niggle every now and then.. When I land at an airport, sometimes the game quits to desktop - only been happening since I installed AEU MX. Any ideas?

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