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i cant intercept the localizer when flying ils do i have to enter something in the nav radio or what. must i be at the exact altitude or something what is the secret i never hear the outer marker even though the ATC tells me im entering ILS this is a desperat plea from a stupid man please explain exactly what you do Crying or Very sad

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First make sure you are far enough out from the rnwy to intercept the glide slope as it descends. 2nd, Try to be within 30deg. of rnwy heading for localizer intercept. 3rd, make sure you have the right freq. dialed in on the ILS receiver.

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In order to hear the marker beacons you have to turn on the sound for them. At the top of the radio stack there is a clickable green light for the marker beacons. Click on it to turn on the green light. Some aircraft have toggle switches rather than green lights-- on those you flip the toggle to turn on the marker beacon sound. If you dont do this you will not hear the markers. 😉

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Sounds to me like you are making your approach on a VOR. You need to switch to the ILS Freq. for the runway. 😎

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