VOR's, DME's and F/D

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Finally I'm managing ils landings, but the other day I was given vectors for a dme vor approach and had no idea what to do. I know vor's are basic navigational aids but I have never been able to figure them out.....What I did was tune NAV 2 to the vor freq. and then I flew towards the needle (If it pointed to the right I flew right) hoping that when it pointed to the top I would be flying straight to the airport.
Can you guys give me some pointers for this kind of app?
What exactly is the flight director used for? I read somewhere that it can deploy thrust reversers by do I make it do this? I have tried landing with AP and FD on but nothing happens...


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You cant get a better VOR tutorial than this.
I would say that you should pick out the important parts (for you), copy and paste them into Word and then zip them for reading or printing out.


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I've not delved deep enough into FS2004 yet, I've only had the game for about a month.
But aren't these kind of things already covered in the seemingly extensive tutorials that came with the game?
I've yet to go through them all, but there seems to be one for just about everything... or not?

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Indeed there are a vast amount of tutorials, but sometimes they just don't get you there. In time you will see that questions in the forum repeat themselves but hey, it's here to answer our questions.
But as always all comments are welcome, thanks.

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