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hi all , ive just installed mozilla fire fox after spending all day trying to rid IE 6sp2 of malware and constant errors and antivirus software adverts 🙄 .
anyway im well impressed,tabbed browsing really suits me . is there anything i should be adding to it only i hav nt noticed a pop up blocker and secondly how do i completely unistall IE . thanks 🙂

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hinch Chief Captain

i wouldn't completely uninstal ie as it will knacker several microsoft bits and bobs- but well done with firefox 😀

have you got adaware and spyware search and destroy? they're both free and VERY effective when used together.

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Did it occur to you that if you hadn't added all those "cool" free enhancements to IE, you wouldn't have had a problem in the first place?

Do not add anything that isn't on the firefox site to firefox.

Never, I repeat, never go to these free software sites to download anything.

meylan Guest

yes , ive got both adaware and spybot ,the scans this morning fixed some problems and a system scan with avast and avg removed some virus s
but i was still gettin mobile phone ring tone ads and somthing about win antivirus and even an adult friend finder popped up. i ran adaware and spybot again but they found nothing .so i cleaned the registry still i kept getting ads and somthing about tracking 101 🙄 . im a bit of a pc novice and i dont if possible but it seems to me IE is infected or been planted with somthing . so i thought id try this fire fox . only had it 1 hour ill never go back . 😀 thanks for replying

meylan Guest

thanks for the advice Crash 🙂

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