Your Top 5 Freeware Aircraft

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Hey guys finally got round to reinstalling FS2004 after my laptop overheated and i had to reinstall

instead of filling it up with cr*p freeware again and slowing my game loading down i decided to find out wat the best freeware aircraft are

please post your top 5 freeware aircraft you've ever had/used

if possible can u post the filename so ill be able to find it 😀

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William A. Jones (waj2306) First Officer

For me, finding aircraft that are FPS friendly has been hit-and-miss. I find that it helps to delete (so to speak) the mitmaps. I enjoy the Project Open Sky Boeings. The MELJETS are about the same and have great features. I also found that any aircraft that is photoreal is a killer for me!

I recently read a post here about how sound hits the frame rates. I experimented and found that addon sounds hit hard, whereas the default sound packages are fine. The next time your in a mission/flight, turn off the sound (Q) and watch your FPS.

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RadarMan Chief Captain
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i meant the quality of the aircraft not the effect on performance...

but wow that is a big boost lol!!!

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Welshflyer Captain

Any Kittyhawk aircraft with Eric Cantu associated are excellent quality and relatively small in size(to download) also the SGA range!

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

any and all Project Opensky aircraft ive got all but a few of their 767`s they have very good quality aircraft.

but for me its the B767-300, IFDG A319-100, MD88,B737-800,and B757-200

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Pappy55 Trainee

Dont get me wrong the POSKY stuff is great but for those who havent, I recpmend the 'iFly 747-400'

For free I find this AC outstanding!

It has a 90% functional cockpit and a working FMC!!
The flight model is not great but there is a big differance betwen the price of Ifly and PMDG 🙂

If you are thinking of getting somthing like the PMDG 747-400 try the Ifly 747-400.

1)Ifly 747-400
2)POSKY 747
3)POSKY 767
4)POSKY 757
5)POSKY 737

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