i want to start at the gate in stead of the runway

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help me

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Go to the gate and save that for your default. Hit "Alt" and that will bring up the menu bar at the top so you can do it.

If you want a cold start you can use these.



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i hit the alt key but i did not get the options to save the starting point as the gate. can you go throught it for me.

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How's this.
Set the location (airport and stand) you want. Swap to a simple aircraft such as the default Cessna 172 and shut everything down (Battery, Alt, all light switches etc) then swap back to the aircraft you want to start in. Save the flight and make sure you check the box marked 'set as default flight'

Then you can use "alt" later on if you want to switch aircraft.

(By the way, you get double posts because you hit the submit button twice before it's gone)


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If all you want to do is start at the gate, it's very simple.

1. Click Select a flight.
2. Click Selected Location.
3. Click Runway/Starting Position, scroll down to a gate or ramp position. When you begin the flight, aircraft will begin at that position with the engine(s) running. 🙂

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All of the above(im sorry if im repeating someone)go to your favorite airport and park at the gate(shut down engines if you want) and save the flight.
When you restart and select that flight your at the gate(and "cold and dark")
The option to start at the gate is not available at all airports in the default set up.If this is the case with your favorite airport d/load Afcad2(avsim)and you can add parking to any airport(and more)

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