Ultimate Traffic or other AI solutions

Pilau Guest

I was wondering whether I should buy Ultimate Traffic or go on and try other solutions, because I want a very low LOD (I only need repaints of actual airlines, that's all).

I also need to know, if anybody can tell me please, how much does AI traffic reduces performance?

My final question on this matter will be how much percentage of traffic should I set?

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Pilau Guest

Somebody, please?

I downloaded many ProjectAI aircrafts, and installed them. When starting a new flight at Seattle-Tacoma I get 8 FPS 😞
It's really low.. Just for comparison, I get 24 FPS (I'm locked on 24) when I'm not using any traffic.

But no traffic makes a boring game... Help?

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

i just go and surf d/load sites and d/load airline packs now ive got 40 plus on each airport depending on the airport size. most gates and parkways are full.

I got most from www.simviation.com

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brownbox Captain

i use project ai for my ai traffic.
for the performance, it does slow it down a fair bit, especially for those with slow computers 😎

Pilau Guest

Maybe you know of very low LOD AI aircraft?


My computer isn't that good...

But I use Ultimate traffic and it doesn't really matter for my performance.

greets from the Dutchie....

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