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hi guys, i have a few questions regarding AI Traffic add-ons for FSX, i have looked around on the forums searchin for similar threads but am unable to find any with relevance to what i would like to know, firstly i am stuck between My traffic x and ultimate traffic x which has just been released, from preliminary reading i have found that the my traffic version includes military and general aviation traffic but these are done in fairly low quality compared to the commercial aircraft in the programme. Ultimate Traffic just includes the commercial side of things and im aware that there are no russian aircraft in it, so judging from this if i fly to moscow there will be no aircraft at the airport. What i would like to know is which add-on is overall better, and which one adds the most traffic. Also i would like to know sites that provide freeware or payware military and general ai aviation, and russian ai aviation. another question is that both freeware sites project ai and world of ai produce aircraft that can be used in FSX but can the ground servicing vehicles and the jetways use them as there specifically built for FS9. thanks alot for your help.

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I had UT for FS9 now with UTX out at a small upgrade price it's very tempting.

As for aircraft all over the world, if it's not showing up for you check the installation menu, see if Russia is included.
If it is then you need to run the compiler.


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