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I registered a complaint in the aircraft section of the forum concerning the new cessna 337. Tomthank responded very kindly to my complaint, and I apologized for being gruff to say the least. I was very hot under the collar when I tried to fly the 337, I found that there was no avionics switch, no fuel selector controls, the panel is cropped on the edges leaving some of the guages out of view, also the throttle quadrant was mostly out of sight save for the very top. And the icing on cake came when the engines shut down just after start-up for no good reason, rendering the plane usless. I was very displeased to say the least. I dumped the plane from my sim in anger, but have since re-installed it. Same problems though, however, I have found a solution for the engine glitch. I told Tomthank that I am a real stickler for things working properly, and I'll say the same thing to you. I have kept very few of the downloaded aircraft from this site because they had severe flaws like not having any ability to control the desired download what so ever, no master switch, no guages, no throttles, no nothing, in a download that was ostensibly flyable. the Bae 146 is a prime example. I am also getting weary of the defualt 737 panel in other planes I have downloaded, the ATR42 comes to mind. I think it would very benificial for you folks to scrutinize the quality of the downloads and perhaps find and incorporate the latest upgrades to the downloads that are rather lacking. I submit that you would have a lot of work to do seeing that from my point of view the majority of the downloads I have aqiured are disappointing and leave a lot to be desired. Respectfuly, Leadfoot.

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This is a copy of an entry in 'Dual Engine Cessna' in the Aircraft section of the Forum

As I am fairly new to FS and have never flown a real plane in my life and am far from perfect, I hesitate to get involved with two very knowledgable gentlemen like radarman and leadfoot
I d/l'd the 337 from FS Design, the makers - also d/l'd the patch which solves part of the petrol tank problem.
Like radarman I d/l these craft more out of curiosity - always nice to show an oddity in the screenshots.
I have also emailed the site in regard to the flaws - cropped panel, no GPS, etc,etc and am waiting a reply - will let you know what transpires.
As far as our site is concerned I have learned a great deal from both the gentlemen and long may it continue but I am long enough in the tooth to realise this is an imperfect world and to expect the site managers to inspect for quality, each and every available download is a bit much.
These d/l's are free (OK I know about the $5) and we owe a lot to these FS designers who put their skills under the scrutiny of the FS community.
Surely us, as FSimmers and subscribers should accept that there will be good, bad and indifferent d/l's and if we feel so inclined we can report the faults to the developers, who if they are real developers will even welcome the reporting of bugs.
I am old and frail so please be gentle with your criticism of my thoughts.

"To err is human but a computer makes some right mess ups"[/i]

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I must submit a correction. It was not tomthetank I had the discourse with regarding the 337, It was radarman. The error is mine. I apologize for the inadvertant mis-representation. Leadfoot.

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🙄 That's ok, we're really the same person...have you ever seen us both here at the same time...I think not.



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Umm... NO ROFL

Oops! Look at the time.
Gotta find me a phonebox to change in to my Radar suit

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