did anyone know that you can train to fly a spitfire?

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You can actuly be trained to fly a spitfire and i know where.

its in england and its the duxford airfield.

at first i did not know that but knowing that i have decided to train in a spitfire.

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Duxford is a great place. Went to the annual warbird airshow there, 'Flying Legends', a couple of weeks ago.

I'd love to go up in a Spitfire, but it's very expensive.

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i was there to! The flying legands!

I love the duxford war musuem.

I do plan to train in a spitfire but that is as soon as i can afford it.

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My favourite spitfire has to be the supermarine spitfire.

I just love the spitifire.

and i wont forget the hurrican.

Both the spitfire and the hurrican are fantastic fighters!

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has anybody flown in a spitfire before? I want to know whats it like.

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