The Grace Spitfire @ Old Warden

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A fantastic display site with a curved display line and a superb collection of aircraft... even a Bleriot (circa 1909) and a Boxkite flew at the end of the day, proper old skool aircraft...

ANyway, ML407 aka The Grace Spitfire opened the day with an absolutely amazing display..

This Spitfire is quite unique as it is the only Spitfire currently flying with logged combat hours as far as I am aware. It was flown by Johnnie Houlton and shot down the first enemy aircraft on D-Day.

The Grace Spitfire is flown by the only female Spitfire pilot Carolyn Grace.

You can join as a supporter of this wonderful aircraft for just £20 a year (i am pretty sure) and all funds go directly back into the maintenance of the aircraft.

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