Air Rage?

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Question for the real pilots out there..

Do you get air rage similar to road rage if another pilot is being an idiot?

On my lesson the other day there was an airbus that took the wrong turn down the taxiway and ended up on the runway half way down it so he didnt have nowhere near enough room to take off.
So we were number two to take off, we ended up as number 3 as the airbus had to taxi down the runway at about 2 kts. They had to tell an a/c on finals to go around.
We were waiting for about 20 mins to take off in the very hot weather we have been having lately so it was not pleasant.

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Things like that happen to a lot of pilots (they're just quite rare in commercial aviation as pilots have had copious amounts of training and experience) and may one day happen to you where you hold up takeoffs and cause Go Arounds etc. If its a genuine and sincere mistake, then I'm sure you wouldn't want people getting angry at you 😉

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Yeah I wasnt angry as I was sat in a plane which is really great, even when on the ground. And it was the first time I saw a go around in real life so it was interesting listening to the ATC trying to sort everything out.
I also got to learn more about the ATC as its pretty tough to keep up with sometimes but because we were sat there I was able to ask my instructor questions about it.

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