Virtual Thunder Birds Everyone please Read THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You No How The Virtual Thunderbirds are on Lock ON Well If You Dont Have Loock On or Arnt That good Ask Me because i am starting a Virtual Thunderbirds For FS2004. If you Want to join you can just email me your name home town and experience ther are no tryouts u just join and it goes as it goes. There Will Be a NumbeR one spot also nown as the boss wich is me #2 Right Wing #3Left Wing #4 Slot #5 First soloer #6 Second soloist If you Join You Can Pick What Position I will Give You My IP so we can Practice And Perform Also it would be nice if i could have someone make us a web plz for free. My email is PLZ JOIN!!! Crying or Very sad 🙂 My name IS Alec Stelloh

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Sounds freaking awesome!!!!!!I been looking for a Virtual Thunderbirds for fs2004!!NICE!!!I'm IN!!

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