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Hi all,

I like to photograph aircraft, normally at Auckland International Airport (NZAA), but today my photos are different from the rest. There are no heavy jets here. This time I went on a photo shoot at Ardmore Airport (NZAR), New Zealand’s busiest GA airport (ranked the highest in the country by number of aircraft manoeuvres) which is only 15 minutes away from my house.

Also, unlike previous threads- this one is 56k friendly. There are 33 images totalling 4.42mb and if you where on a slow connection then this page would kill you 😳 I have put thumbnails next to each caption which are each linked to the fullsize shot.

The quality is perhaps not as good as my other selections, but I was having too much fun snapping at every moving metallic object to worry about lighting and contrast Wink Hopefully these images will display the atmosphere of the busy little airport as I have lots of different shots from a wide variety of locations and angles.

Just click on the mini image to see the full sized photo- enjoy!

1. The first aircraft I saw was A Russian MIG fighter! (A long way from home and totally unexpected)

2. "Kiwi Thunder" one of ten Thunder Mustang's flying world wide

3. A close up of the Kiwi Thunder- just look at that turbo!

4. ZK-EBE, the Piper Cherokee I recently piloted in RL (Owned by a family friend)

5. The NZ Warbids Assosiation fully restored Catalina

6. Marlborough Helicopters ZK-HTA Bell 206B

7. A sleek Partenavia P 68C landing on the wet runway

8. Mountain Air’s newest Britten Norman 2N Islander “Peg Leg”

9. A Side view showing the old “Wings over Whales” livery as it sits on the tarmac awaiting its new paintjob

10. Both of the engine covers are off of ZK-SFK

11. ZK-JKB Cessna 172 owned by Auckland Flight Training Ltd

12. An old C150 parked on the grass

13. A sweet C210 Centurion- much bigger than my virtual Carenado model 😉

14. Northern Charters’ Cessna 421B

15. Not completed yet, this Piper Cherokee glistens its bare metal bodywork in the mid afternoon sun

16. Another Cessna 150, with a beard 😂

17. ZK-TAQ makes a rough landing in the wind

18. An ex RNZAF Bristol Freighter parked in someones garden. I don't think it is airworthy for some reason 🙄

19. A visiting American Cessna Citation personal jet. Sorry for the bad angle- it was as close as I could get

20. ZK-HUM, a Kawasaki-Hughes 369HS Helicopter lands meteres infront of me

21. Auckland Aero Club’s fleet of Grumman American AA-1C’s

22. A great action shot!

23. ZK-FVR taxis to the active in the low evening sun

24. Why is the pilot of this Piper PA-28 looking at me like that?

25. An Ardmore Flying School student on finals for runway 03

26. A few more C172’s parked up on the Flying School apron

27. A Mountain Air Piper Aztec

28. A Cessna 185C (with cargo pod) bringing back the weekend’s shopping from Whitianga

29. This aircraft is for lease, but you will need your own propeller if you want to fly it 😕

30. Christian Aviations “ZK-JAF” I wonder if there is a link between the company’s Auckland base and the Aucklander nickname JAFA? 😛

31. A nose view of the NZ Warbirds DC-3

32. A rear angle shot of ZK-DAK parked up next to the tower. She looks like she could go with a new coat of paint.

33. I dunno what the heck this is, but it even makes the Britten Norman Tri Islander look good! 😳

Thats all folks- comments are welcome as always.

To view an index of all my planespotting photos, click here:

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Excellent collection from very nice crafts.You have done a great job Cheeky. 👏 👏 👏 👍

Pro Member Captain
brownbox Captain

very very nice once again cheekytrolly 😀

Pro Member Chief Captain
Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Excellent assortment of aircraft Cheeky 👍

Pro Member First Officer
vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

cheeky i have a question but first i want to say that ur pics and awesome, beutifull, and great. The question is how to u get this opotunity to tak this photros and how to u get in the airport??

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

An amazing selection as usual CT, I like the idea of some GA for a change.


Pilau Guest

I just love GA 🙂

Good job mate!

Chief Captain
ceetee Chief Captain

Thanks greekman, brownbox, jolegg, tiger, RM and Pilau!

I had a lot of fun taking the shots so I am glad you enjoyed viewing them 😂

In answer to "how to u get this opotunity to tak this photros and how to u get in the airport??"

At Ardmore there is pretty much 0% secruity. I walked along the taxiways and across the apron with out any one battering an eyelid. At one point I had to quickly run off the taxiway to the grass as we where in the way of that noisy Thunder Mustang taxing to the runway lol!

Pro Member Trainee
Ben (eagle3) Trainee

Nice! and that MiG is a MiG-21. 🙂

dvorak Guest

Excellent photos cheekytrolly

I wish I had your photographing (if thats real world) skills

Also lol @ just walking into the airport

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