Virtual Continental Airlines GRAND OPENING!

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The three founders of VCA recognized one particular airline that seemed to be rarely represented on the VATSIM Network and decided to bring it to life and have it represented the way it deserves to be by filling the VATSIM skies with top-notch Pilots. This is the reason you are here today and it is our hope that you will join us in promoting VCA by flying on VATSIM and joining us in our, soon to come, online events, challenges & group flights.

Virtual Continental Airlines is officially open for business! This brand new VA promises to be nothing but the best. The 3 founders of VCA all came from the second largest VA on the VATSIM network to create a virtual airline based on its real world counter-part, Continental. They bring with them a wealth of experience, dedication, and knowledge to provide their pilots with great features and a realistic, yet fun Virtual Airline. We also opperate Virtual Continental Express by ExpressJet Inc., and Virtual Continental Connection by Commutair, SkyWest, and Gulfstream Intl.

VCA is also hiring dedicated individuals to fill the following vacancies: Database Engineer (PHP/MySQL) Hub Managers (All Hubs) Training Manager Events Coordinator Fleet Manager Assistant Fleet Manager We invite you to take a tour of our young VA's website! And hope you'll join in the virtual skies! Drop us an email at vcairmgmt@vcair.comor visit out site at today!

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