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I have an add-on aircraft (Altitude software's Concorde to be specific) and I'm unable to use the GPS navigation screen for it as the aircrafts navigation system is the INS. As wondrous as the INS is, it makes flight planning and preparation tedious and time consuming at times and I would love to be able to fly the Concorde using the GPS screen showing my flight-plan waypoints. It would be ok if the autopilot didn't recognise the flight-plan with this method as I could handfly the plane just by tracking the waypoint to waypoint line. I know Concorde had no such luxury but can this be done maybe by editing a file?

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Yes, but that wouldn't be at all realistic now would it. Wink

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Do you mean yes it is possible? If so can you spill the beans? I know its kind of cheating but it would motivate me to fly new routes. I could even load the waypoints in to the INS as well and just use the GPS screen as confirmation I'm on course instead of having to pause the flight to check flight progress with the map. Thats sort of a comprimise! 😀

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