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Hi, when i change views in game the aircraft appear grey and untexured for a few seconds until they load. as you can imagine this take some of the realism out of the game because when you go to a different view you expect to see the plane you are in fully coloured, not a grey model.

it appears to be a problem with loading the textures because as i said, after a few seconds they appear and look fine.

im running an athlon 2.2ghz, 1gig ram, geeforce 6800 gt. im thinking it maybe a hard drive thing cos it could really use a defrag. just wanted to get some feedback tho before i run the defrag for a few hours.

any suggestions?


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RadarMan Chief Captain

It's usually the fault of the video card. you have a fairly good one.
Download new drivers, and then clean out the old ones.
Delete the card in device manager, reboot (Windows will recognize the card) and install the new drivers that you just downloaded.
I would turn off the anti virus, it gets in the way of the new driver installation.
If you can do it in safe mode that'll be best.

I would also defrag at least once a week. If you do it that often it won't take as long.


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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Except RadarMan's correct suggestion you can also assign a key in order to refresh your scenery from keys assignments menu(There is the Refresh Scenery choice with no key assigned for it)
You will notice that you textures will reload and appeared quicker each time you use it.

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Solotwo Chief Captain

I have the same problem, but it depends on advanced the textures are on my plane.

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