Using GPS Display from fs2002 in fs2004

Grahm Guest

You know I've had this FS2004 for 9 months an only installed it once.
I didn't like the GPS display, it was unclear to read, to clutter Censored an thought it was trash so I uninstalled it. (Fs2004)
Resorting, to use FS2002 Pro.
Anyone know how to replace the GPS Display in 2004 with the one in 2002?
I've tried installing the GPS gauge from 2002 to 2004. Didn't work...
any knowledge on this would be GREAT! The scenery in 2004 is better an I enjoy the auto'update every 15 mins in weather as well in 2004.
Thanks Mike.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

First let me say..I don't know. But I doubt it.
Take a look at this it just came out about a week ago, very cool!

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Hello Mike
First up I had to edit your message Rules and second the GPS from 2002 cannot be transfered to fs9
You can get rid of all the clutter so it looks a bit like the 2002 screen(just a tad bigger) and is really worth sticking with as it offers much more than the old 2002 GPS.Just have a press of some buttons and see what happens
This link may be of some help ➡

Hope it helps


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