Running 2 monitors with FS2004

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Just wondering if anyone can help me. I have two monitors running perfectly together as one desktop using Windows Vista. When i play FS2004, it will naturally only use one screen. What i had planned on doing was using the second screen to house the navigation, atc, throttle, kneeboard etc.

Problem i have is that when i click on these boxes it wont let me drag them off the screen FS2004 is using. I can move the mouse from the game into the next screen, i just cant take anything over with it.

I have been told to right click on the window and select 'undock' which supposedly lets me move it to another screen, however this option is shaded and i cannot access it from the menu.

Any help would me much appeciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I believe its located in the display area under control panel. There is a feature that must be checked off that allows the mouse to drag things from one screen to the other.. i had the same prob when i first started to run dual monitors this fixed the problem... take note of your fps im interested to see if ours are effected as mine were..

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I was able to do this but I had to fly in the window mode not full view. I'll have to look at those other suggestions as well.

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Thanks a lot for your input guys, i managed to get it running on dual monitors although i have to keep the main screen in window mode which is a little annoying., but dual monitors has been fantastic so far, don't think i could go back to one!



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